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Shut up and listen

The book (Shut up and listen) is one of the best-selling books in the world of Amazon, which in addition to discussing practical and current topics in the field of customer behavior and attracting a higher market share, is more about talking to managers who want to change And they do not have a job and are constantly complaining about the current situation and attributing their failures to fate and destiny, and instead of trying and persevering to overcome the crisis, they seek to find the culprit and break all the bowls and jars on him. Are. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the bad and abnormal conditions of your business, we recommend that you seriously listen to the advice of Tilman Fertita, the author of this book.


Market Research Toolbox

If you want to run a market research project from zero to one hundred, you will definitely need to read this book. This book will tell you what a hammer is. Or what does a nail do? When to nail and when to use screws and wrenches. This book assumes that you, as a market research novice, need to see the contents of the toolbox and put them one by one. You do not want to be like a little boy who has been given a hammer and the whole world is like a nail to him; Rather, you want to have the right tools for the job and realize that you do not always need a hammer. Do not throw away the wrench and screwdriver because the first time you tried to nail it, the resulting bruise on your finger.


The End Of Marketing

This book deals with the change in the lifestyle, habits and tastes of human beings in the new era and considers the ancient versions of marketing as obsolete and dead. The main slogan of the forthcoming book is colorful presence in social networks with the approach of “less sales, more attention and communication with the audience.” We need to keep in mind that our social media audiences focus on people, not products, remembering faces rather than logos, looking for other customers’ experiences, not buying from you right away. Brands need to have a human and interactive personality, not an organizational and sales identity. These are the new marketing literature and the old methods are dead today. The purpose of social media is, first and foremost, to socialize with people, in other words, the content is the queen and the audience is the king.


Market ruler

The forthcoming book entitled “Market Ruler” in seven chapters using big data and marketing analysis with new methods and techniques of market research is one of the best and most practical books written in this field. Is. The forthcoming book focuses on the importance of big data (BIG Data) and its impact on businesses, and urges brand owners not to base their analysis and marketing strategies on vague and ambiguous data. In the final chapters of the book, SAS Visual Analytics software is used to visualize big data and select continuous and discrete class subsets.


The Persuasion Slide

Professor Roger Daly has proposed a new model with a neural marketing approach called the persuasion slide or G-N-A-F model, which can turn a potential customer into an actual customer in four steps. The first step of this slide is Gravity, which defines the customer’s initial motivation to buy your products. The second stage, the Nudge, is actually a lever to push the customer down the slide, which is similar to the discounts seen in your store. The third stage of the slide model is the slope or Angle, that the more sloping or angled the slide is designed, the more the customer is transported down with more pleasure and speed. In the final stage of the slide, friction and friction are mentioned, which includes two parts: real friction and perceived friction.


Magnetic marketing

This book aims to present a very challenging and rooted theory and idea that what you think you know, or have been conditioned to believe, was wrong about the growth and development of your business. .
This book will give you an idea of ​​how to own a successful and real business, not just a business with random income, not an endless need for new advertising, not a constant concern to sell. When and where will the next happen, but a vision and attitude based on confidence, assurance and stability with a constant flow of interested customers, so that instead of just a daily income to build wealth and capital for you.

بازاریابی مغناطیسی

Planning Marketing

This book tries to act as a guide document for compiling a marketing plan by reviewing the combined models and templates of several applied models as well as presenting new tables and charts that are accompanied by proper evaluation and evaluation of your market and customers. This book will be a good model for writing a marketing plan by teaching you step-by-step instructions and related tables.
The book Marketing Planning shows that by focusing on the marketing program, you can help your company and customers in developing a marketing plan and providing new products and services based on their needs. The unique features of this book are its simple and fluent prose, as well as providing simple patterns to show and determine its position in comparison with other competitors, as well as providing successful strategies to advance its predetermined goals in the market.

مارکتینگ پلن نویسی

Sales intelligence

The book Intelligence of Sales with three approaches of psychology, neuroscience and marketing and sales through the lens of science, experience and art has examined very practical, vital and operational issues for middle and top sales managers. This book explores the sales process from the perspective of different layers, such as the logical brain (amygdala), the emotional brain (the limbic system) and the automatic brain (the head), and shows that, for example, people are based on the emotional brain. They buy and then justify their purchases based on logical logic. And once again, based on the science of psychology and combining them with marketing and sales techniques such as cognitive bias detection, similarity bias, mania self-bias, confirmation bias and bias, all of which the buyer commits when buying. Finally, your answer as a salesperson is to deal with the above situations in order to close big deals.

Sales intelligence-mock

90 days to success

90 days to success is a great marketing and advertising book for small businesses. This book is designed to provide you with tools for making informed marketing decisions that can help your business in difficult situations and even reach the highest levels. Within 90 days, you will be able to implement a more effective marketing strategy and make sure you get the most out of your expenses.


Audio branding

The audio branding book, written by Lawrence Minsky and Colin Fahi, is written by marketers, not musicians, and explains why a brand needs its own vocabulary music culture to grow. Foreword by Professor Philip Cutler (Father of World Marketing)

Audio branding-Mock


“Nir Eyal” in the book “Hooked; “How do we make products based on customer habits?” It answers these questions. In this book, Eale explains that product absorption and hook-up is a four-step process used in the products of many successful companies. Doing these processes will encourage the customer to be drawn to your product hook. This book also shows you how to get users back to your product over and over again without the need for extensive advertising or aggressive messages.

The hooked book is based on years of research, counseling, and practical experience. This book is written for product managers, designers, marketers, business founders, and anyone who wants to know how products affect our behavior.


Being together to be better

This book is the story of three friends who live in a good place. Not a great place, just fine. However, like all children, they live in the shadow of the king of the playground and enjoy moments of joy on the playground.


Marketing Research from the Perspective of Heriot-Watt University

Marketing research is a function that communicates the consumer, the customer, and the general public to the marketer through information. Establishes their findings and concepts. (This information is used to identify and define marketing opportunities and issues).


Strategic market research

In ten chapters, the Strategic Market Research Book summarizes the quantitative and qualitative techniques and tactics of marketing research, including the qualitative techniques referred to in this book. He mentioned the rooms of discussion, observation and body language, methods in the real place, visual techniques, associative techniques, hopes, dreams and ideals. Quantitative techniques also examine hypotheses, strategic question approaches in marketing research, and a variety of Internet, face-to-face, telephone, and postal questionnaires.


Comprehensive principles of integrated marketing communication program

کتاب اصول جامع برنامه ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی به همراه نرم افزار آموزشی IMC PlanPro کتابی بسیار جامع و کاربردی برای علاقمندان بازاریابی و صنعت تبلیغات می باشد که در 8 فصل توسط کنث کلاو و دونالد باک با مثال ها و مطالعات موردی بسیار کاربردی و عملیاتی در خصوص مباحث هر فصل به رشته تحریر درآمده است. آنچه در این کتاب می خوانیم شامل: خلاصه اجرایی و اجزای آن جهت تدوین یک برنامه جامع ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی، تجزیه و تحلیل فرصت ترفیعات، استراتژی های شرکت جهت پیاده سازی ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی و مدیریت این ارتباطات از سه جنبه مشتریان مصرفی، مشتریان صنعتی و کانال های توزیع می باشد. مطالعه موردی اصلی بکار رفته در کتاب پیش رو مبلمان ویلامت است، که به خوبی در لابلای مفاهیم علمی کتاب رنگ و بوی اجرایی و عملیاتی به خود گرفته است و در پایان هر مفهوم از برنامه ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی مثالی از چگونگی اجرای آن مفهوم توسط برند مبلمان ویلامت ذکر شده است که به خوانندگان در درک مفاهیم بکار رفته در کتاب کمک شایانی نموده است.


Mouth-to-mouth marketing

This book lists the basics of identifying online influencers, developing messages to attract attention, and selecting web-based tools that can guide conversations online and offline. Word-of-mouth marketing demonstrates the critical advantage of Internet access in an information-driven society.


How to write a marketing plan?

Thousands of students graduate from science centers each year, and thousands of companies are set up by entrepreneurs to successfully carry out business activities, but the lack of training and applications has made it difficult to do so. Lack of professional marketing consultants is also possible in business activities. As a marketing consultant in marketing development, this book seeks to address the important issue of marketing planning; As the first step in managing a business, create a practical and understandable look for entrepreneurs, graduates, and ultimately marketers.

Marketing program-mock

Product life cycle design

All products and services have a specific life cycle. The life cycle is the period in which the first product enters the market until the last product is returned. During this period, significant changes take place so that the product that flows through the market, ie its reflection, goes back to the company that sent it to the market. Since the increase in profit is the main goal of the company that sent the product to the market, so it is very important to manage the product life cycle and its sustainable design. Understanding the product life cycle can help a company assess its position in the market compared to competitors and the success or failure of the product when it is time to introduce and ship the product to the market.

Product life cycle-mock

Always Online

Marketing research is a function that communicates the consumer, the customer, and the general public to the marketer through information. Establishes their findings and concepts. (This information is used to identify and define marketing opportunities and issues).


Business service design

The Business Services Design Book aims to provide an official language for use when discussing the creation and management of services. The forthcoming book focuses on three main sections that are very important and introduces terms in each section to help describe the service and discuss it.


Twenty new methods for distinct branding

People make the same mistakes in choosing a brand for their product, service, or business. Much of the scientific research on consumer behavior shows that there are reasonable and consistent foundations for specific business decisions. Most people do not consider and ignore bad research and decisions in their branding


Subconscious-based branding

The Unconscious Branding Book is about the human business segment. Many people look at marketing as an attempt to separate people from their money, not as a way to connect with them and meet their needs. Of course, there are compelling reasons for this kind of thinking


Comprehensive principles of marketing research

The forthcoming book titled “Marketing Research with Applied Approach” in three sections and fifteen chapters with operational explorations and examples of marketing research is one of the best and most practical books that have been written in this field

marketing research-mock

Marketing Roadmap

This book is based on my failures and experiences in how marketing can manage its performance and how it is judged. The book is written for organizations that have not yet worked on a roadmap, but know they need it and are trying to figure out where to start.

Road map-mock

Brand ironing

Otto Brand is the name of a book that examines luxury car brands (Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc.) in the world in terms of marketing, sales and customer satisfaction program. And how these brands have reached this level of quality and top service in the world and why they are luxury brands.

Ironing brand-mock

Drug marketing with a practical approach

The following book is a guide to discussing all aspects of pharmaceutical marketing. Marketing is a dynamic field and is used by all pharmaceutical companies and industry-related companies, which make up one of the largest industrial sectors in the world. Despite the vastness of the pharmaceutical / healthcare industry, its growth and development, and the significant human resources involved in its development, there is still a big gap between marketing books, lectures and knowledge related to consumer science marketing and practical discussions about marketing pharmaceuticals. There is. This gap is a global challenge.


Applied marketing research

کتاب پیش رو را با عنوان “تحقیقات بازاریابی با رویکرد کاربردی” در سه بخش و پانزده فصل با مورد کاوی های عملیاتی و نمونه های تحقیقات بازاریابی یکی از بهترین و کاربردی ترین کتاب هایی است که در این حوزه به رشته تحریر در آمده است.

Marketing investigation-mock

sports marketing

“Sports Marketing” is actually one of the first research in the field of sports marketing, and it can be said that the publication of this book focuses on the growth of scientific research focused on sports marketing, both in the field of sports financial support and in the use of athletes. The title of the verifiers will have a significant impact. In the book Sports Marketing, we will discover the complex and diverse nature of sports marketing. In addition, a framework has been introduced to help explain and organize the strategic sports marketing process, and the unique application of marketing rules and processes to the sports industry will excite not only sports enthusiasts but also sports enthusiasts alike.


Brand programming

Marketing research is a function that communicates the consumer, the customer, and the general public to the marketer through information. Establishes their findings and concepts. (This information is used to identify and define marketing opportunities and issues)

Brand planning-mock

Balanced article management

Due to the needs of students and researchers and the significant growth of ISI articles in the society, we have expressed the main approach of the book to these articles from the editing stage to the selection of the magazine for its publication in detail


Scale in marketing research

The book Scale in Market Research is the work of Professor Robert D. Willis, translated by Dr. Kambiz Heidarzadeh and Dr. Amin Asadollahi with fluent prose and published by Alam Publishing, and is now available in reputable bookstores.


Marketing toolbox

This book is about marketing that covers the core concepts of marketing as well as contemporary challenging topics, such as online marketing and global marketing. If such concepts are new to you as an engineer, a salesperson, a product designer, or a technical manager to meet managerial responsibilities, your marketing toolbox will acquaint you with the concepts needed to identify them. will do.
Everyone in every company needs to understand marketing. If, for example, you have previously served as a researcher, sales representative, customer service manager, or e-commerce manager, this book will broaden your understanding of these principles and give you insights. It will show how to combine different parts of it to integrate an effective marketing program and strategy.

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