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About Market talent

The collection of market talent with the management of D.R Amin Asadollahi with implementation and monitoring more than 70 project marketing research and marketing programs with the aim of applying scientific literature on economic enterprises, consulting new marketing methods and market research with the use of experienced professors and experts in the field under the supervision and membership of the European Marketing Research Association. Read on to learn about the other services and capabilities of the set.

خدمات مارکت تلنت دکتر امین اسداللهی

Market Talent Services

Consumer research, product research, sales and advertising promotion research, brand research and communication, price and distribution channel research, sales research and offering unique sales offer

Forming a focus group, sampling services, research using panel groups, questionnaire design, covert purchase and product market surveying before and after product entry into the market before and after product entry into the market

Provide vision and mission, provide strategy for the company, provide strategy for business units, determine marketing and sales strategies, determine pricing and market positioning strategies

Marketing Program, Integrated Marketing Communication Program, Media Selection Planning, Industrial Marketing and Consumer Marketing

Negotiation and Body Language Workshop on Marketing, Sales Engineering, Marketing Principles, Customer Relationship and Strategic Management

Collection of translated and authored books by Dr. Amin Asadollahi in the fields of marketing and market research

Take a look at Dr. Amin Asadollahi's latest book

If you want to run a market research project from zero to one hundred, you will definitely need to read this book. This book will tell you what a hammer is. Or what does a nail do? When to nail and when to use screws and wrenches. This book assumes that you, as a market research novice, need to see the contents of the toolbox and put them one by one. You do not want to be like a little boy who has been given a hammer and the whole world is like a nail to him; Rather, you want to have the right tools for the job and realize that you do not always need a hammer. Do not throw away the wrench and screwdriver because the first time you tried to nail it, the resulting bruise on your finger.

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